Press Release dated 5 April, 2017

NIDO America Clarifies Invitation to Senators

We have been informed about a message that is circulating online that a small section of Nigerians living in Houston are planning to protest during the visit of the Senate President in May.

“We appreciate the fundamental human rights of Nigerians to peaceful protest. Without the right to protest, democracy cannot function well.

That being said, the Distinguished Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki was invited as the head of the co-equal legislative branch of the Nigerian government to dialogue with Nigerians in Diaspora on how best the Nigerian National Assembly (NASS) can assist in “Reversing Brain Drain to Brain Gain.”

The role of NASS cannot be over-emphasized within the governmental system of Nigeria. The NASS passes Bills that enables the Presidency to function. In addition, without NASS appropriating funds and passing budgets, the wheels of government will grind to a halt.

More importantly, NIDO Worldwide Leadership reached out to the Leadership of NASS to help pass the Diaspora Commission Bill on February 26, 2017.

And on March 30, 2017, the Diaspora Commission Bill was passed by the NASS under the leadership of the Senate President. That bill is currently awaiting the signature of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Diaspora still needs the help of NASS to pass the Diaspora Voting Bill.

The Distinguished Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki was invited to dialogue with all Nigerians in Diaspora on how best to pass laws to make the Diaspora an integral part in building a better Nigeria. Especially, how the Nigerian Diaspora can contribute in the areas of Oil & Gas, Energy & Power, Agriculture, Health Sector and affordable Real Estate.

This is a dialogue designed for all patriotic Nigerians to participate in. We invite you to bring your best ideas on how NASS should pass laws to build a better Nigeria.”


Samuel Adewusi, Esquire 
Chairman, Board of Trustees

Engr. Gabriel N. George
Chairman, Board of Directors

Ms. Patience Key