Press Release dated 24 August, 2019

Re: Nigerians Indicted In Sophisticated Online Fraud

The Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Americas USA (NIDOA-USA) expresses great concern with the recently announced 252-count federal grand jury indictment of mostly Nigerians in a massive conspiracy to steal millions through fraud schemes.

NIDOA-USA sympathizes with the victims of the fraud schemes. We urge the Nigerian community both at home and in the United States to engage in reputable businesses and transactions. Nigerians are industrious people who excel in all legal endeavors all over the world. The actions of a few individuals to engage in fraudulent transactions negatively affect not only the individuals, but their families, friends, fellow citizens and the country they represent.

We continue to urge the Nigerian population in the United States to be good citizens and obey the laws of the land. With technological advancements, there are no hiding places for fraudsters. As ambassadors of our great nation, Nigerians in the United States of America are expected and asked to build the positive images of the nation(s) we represent through engagement in hard work and pursuit of legal and honorable endeavors.

NIDOA-USA asks that individuals and businesses perform due diligence and seek proper verifications before involvement in business opportunities and relationships across nations. NIDOA-USA and the Nigerian Diplomatic Missions which are the Embassy of Nigeria in Washington DC, and Nigeria Consulates in New York and Atlanta are reputable institutions to relate with in matters concerning Nigeria.

Again, we sincerely sympathize with the victims and their loved ones.


Ms. Patience N. Key
Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. George Nwogu
General Secretary