Press Release dated 28 August, 2019

Board Directors, Trustees, Chapters, and Stakeholders,

This letter is to formally inform you of the resolution that was passed by NIDO Americas USA Board in a critical urgent meeting held on Friday, August 23, 2019. Also reported are the resolutions of NIDO Americas USA Grassroots meetings held in the months of March, June, and August 2019 respectively.


Considering the continued breaches of NIDOA Bylaws by suspended and renegade members of NIDOA USA Board of Directors and some members of Board of Trustees (BoT), and of the April 13, 2019 agreement brokered by the Nigerian Diplomatic Missions in the United States, NIDO Americas USA, resolves to operate independently of the Board of Trustees (BoT) after September 1, 2019 unless the BoT returns to the status quo and follow due process in all its actions.

Grassroot Meetings:

At the Grassroot meeting held on August 25, 2019, 11 chapters were present and 6 were absent. The USA Board recorded overwhelming support from the chapters with the exclusion of a member from New Jersey chapter who said that she is still not satisfied because some of her questions are not satisfactorily answered. Though absent, the California chapter sent a message, fully supporting any agreement reached.

In previous meetings, overwhelming support and vote of confidence were similarly accorded to the USA Board. On March 15, 2019, Grassroots members representing 12 chapters strongly endorsed the leadership of Ms. Patience Ndidi Key and the legitimacy of the NIDOA USA Board. This trend continued at the Grassroots meeting held on July 9, 2019 when members from the 10 chapters represented, reaffirmed their unwavering support for the leadership of Ms.

Patience Ndidi Key, and the steps taken by the NIDO Americas USA Board of Directors to protect the sanctity of the organization and the integrity of our bylaws and electoral processes.

The foregoing and press release of August 18, 2019 detailed the abhorrent conduct of suspended BOD members, who, nonetheless, exploited their previous status as BOT members in a failing attempt to hijack our organization. We take strong exception to the rape of the ethos, rules and procedures of our organization as clearly stipulated in the NIDOA Bylaws. Consequently, we advise all USA chapters and stakeholders to note that NIDO Americas USA as an entity, IS NOT INVOLVED and WILL NOT be represented at the so-called AGM hosted by the Board of Trustees (BOT). Every decision that would be reached at the illegitimate and mischievously contrived AGM in Houston SHALL NOT be binding on NIDOA USA and its chapters.

Please see chapter’s participation at the referenced Grassroots meetings above;

March 15, 2019

June 9, 2019

August 25, 2019


1. Atlanta


2.California (Los Angeles)

2.California (Los Angeles)


3. Chicago


3.Columbus Ohio

4.Dallas Forte-Worth

4.Columbus Ohio










7.New Jersey


8.Northeast Ohio

8.New York

9.New Jersey

9.Northern Virginia

9.Northeast Ohio

10.New York

10.South Carolina

10. Dalls Forte-Worth

11. Northeast Ohio


11. South Carolina

12. South Carolina




Chapters Absent;

Chapters Absent;

Chapters Absent;

1. Columbus Ohio

1.Dallas Forte-Worth


2. Minnesota



3. Northern Virginia



4. Northwest Ohio

4.New Jersey

4.Northern Virginia

5. Washington DC

5.New York

5.Northwest Ohio


6. Northwest Ohio

6.Washington DC


7. Washington, DC



Ms. Patience N. Key
Chairman, Board of Directors

Dr. George Nwogu
General Secretary