Establishing a New Chapter

Becoming a part of NIDOA USA

The following are the required criteria for any Chapter to be chartered and active:

  1. Needs to have a minimum of 25 members
  2. A budding Chapter requires a minimum of 10 members but must grow membership quickly.
  3. Chartered Chapters are required to send two representatives to the National Board while Budding Chapters send one representative to the National Board.
  4. Registration and membership dues totaling $100.00 is required for new membership and $50.00 for recurring membership annually.
  5. Chapters are to submit member names, email addresses, phone numbers, professions, and home addresses of members to the National Board.
  6. Chapters are required to remit half of the dues paid to the chapter to the National Board.

As soon as these requirements are met, the President of the Chapter and another elected member will be sent by the Chapter to the National Board for active chapters and just the President for a budding Chapter. A new chapter can be formed within a 100 miles from another chapter.

NIDOA was set up to foster the spirit of patriotism, networking, and cooperation among Nigerians in the diaspora. It is expedient to work as a team, harnessing our individual prowess and unifying it towards a common national goal – Nation Building.

We are glad to serve with Nigerians of like-minds, and eagerly await your contributions to our growth both on the national board and chapter level, as we all focus on advancing the cause of our great nation, Nigeria.

New Chapter Registration Form:

Please fill and submit the New Chapter Registration form below to register your Chapter with NIDOA, USA. Also remember that you can follow us on our Facebook and Twitter social media platforms. Our social media handle is @nidoausa.

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