Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, USA's mission is to promote the spirit of patriotism, networking and cooperation among Nigerians in the United States. This is done for their individual and collective success, and to mobilize the vast resources of manpower and machinery toward building a greater Nigeria.

Benefits of NIDOA USA Membership

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization, some of which are:

  1. Recognition as a member of an international network of leaders, experts, professionals, practitioners, students and organizations who are dedicated to fostering the spirit of patriotism, networking and cooperation among Nigerians in the United States, and whose united voice is heard within the international community through partnership with  United States Department of States, USAID, US Congress and a host of the international organizations and community.
  2. Unlimited access to the NIDOA USA online community-forums, job board and special observations and announcements .
  3. Unlimited access to the following publications & resources:  newsletters, press releases, blog, database of Nigerian professional, ethic and religious groups in the US, directories of federal and State agencies in  Nigeria and the US, as well as directory of diaspora organizations.
  4. Automatic admission to the NIDOA USA Interactive forums, conferences, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, roundtables, and many other events, for free or at a reduced fee.
  5. Eligible to receive NIDOA USA Leadership training, mediation services, counseling and/or expert consultation & advisement at no cost or at a reduced fee.
  6. Article and Paper submission for the NIDOA USA Diaspora Magazine publication consideration and for presentation at the annual Summit
  7. NIDOA USA membership meetings participation and possibility to vote on some issues.
  8. Opportunity to serve on the NIDOA USA committees and working groups.
  9. Eligible to submit books for NIDOA USA review on related subject matter.
  10. Complimentary NIDOA USA media reviews.
  11. Access to interactive web-based resource center.
  12. Networking opportunities.
  13. Access to professional development and mentorship opportunities.
  14. NIDOA USA handbook.
  15. Satisfaction derived from giving back to the community through NIDOA USA

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