On this page we provide links to various sources of Nigerian news. For your convenience, we have curated links to the most popular News and Media Agencies in the Country.

To visit a website, simply click on the link provided.

African Examiner 
Maryland, USA.
Owned by RD Frontline LLC, Baltimore, Maryland
Wide variety of current news sources. Company formed from the former Africa News of Durham, NC.

In Hausa. Has the same publisher as the Daily, Weekly, and Sunday Trust.

BBC Africa News
The British Broadcasting Corp often has Nigerian news.

Business Day
Site for the daily print business newspaper. Includes information technology news.

Online newspaper featuring Nigerian business. News releases, reviews and opinion on Nigeria, finance, real estate, technology, transportation, insurance, energy Industry and more.

Daily Post
Publishes news, information, gossip, rumors, conjecture, opinions, and commentary. DailyPost does not routinely moderate, screen, or edit content contributed by readers.

Daily Sun
Site for the print newspaper targeted at young adults. Published by The Sun Publishing Ltd.

Daily Times
Major newspaper. Published since the 1920s. Owned by Folio Communications Limited.

Daily Trust 
Web edition of the print newspaper. Includes an Islamic Forum. Published by Media Trust Nigeria Ltd.

Financial Standard 
Site for the print weekly business newspaper. Published by Millennium Harvest Limited.
Current news from the Daily Trust newspaper and political commentary.

Global NewsBank
Subscription only. Some universities subscribe. Not the latest news but good for researching news as far back as 1985.

The Guardian
Electronic edition of the well-known independent Lagos newspaper.

Hynaija Media Limited
News - political, economic, sports, women's issues, entertainment, prominent Nigerians, top 100 best secondary schools, etc. Online only news site.

The Independent
Political, business, cultural news. Includes video. Site for the print newspaper.

Information Nigeria
News, entertainment, education, sports, job vacancies, etc. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Current news, light news.

Leadership Nigeria
National newspaper, supports good governance. Published by Leadership Newspapers Group Limited.

In Hausa. Online version of the print newspaper from Zaria, published since 1991.

Daily newspaper. Current news, business, sports, arts, health, education, cartoons.

National Daily
News, commentary, business, entertainment, sports. Print and web newspaper. Published by Paradigm Communications Limited since 2006 October.

The News
Weekly news magazine. Current news, sports, business, photographs, etc. Published by by Independent Communications Network Ltd.

News Agency of Nigeria
Official Nigerian Government News Agency. Established in the 1970s.

Current and past articles from the print weekly news magazine. Published by Newswatch Communications Limited.

Nigeria World
Current news from Nigerian newspapers gathered from other Nigeria-related web sites. Political commentary, letters from Nigerians world-wide.

Nigerian Concord
Web site for the print newspaper. Published by Kenady Ltd., Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. Began publication in 2016.

Nigerian News
Current news from Nigerian newspapers. Interviews, guest columns. Links to other Nigerian news sites.

Nigerian Observer 
Published by the Edo State Government. Site for the print daily newspaper.

Nigerian Tribune
Site for the print daily newspaper. Published by African Newspapers of Nigeria PLC.

Nigerian Watch
Nigerian news, news of the Nigerian diaspora especially in the U.K.

Okay Nigeria, OkayNG
News - politics, sports, entertainment, sports videos, music. Founded 2012. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.

PM News
Site for the print newspaper published since 1994, by Independent Communications Network Ltd.

Port Harcourt Telegraph
Website for the print newspaper from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

Premium Times 
Online media organisation. News, politics, business, special reports, arts, entertainment, religion, sports, Panama Papers, Paradise Papers, video reports.



Sahara Reporters
Current news, commentary.

Sun News Online - Daily Sun 
Published by the Sun Publishing Ltd. Based in Ikeja, Lagos State.

Web site for the print news magazine. Established 1991. Based in Lagos State, Nigeria.

This Day 
Online edition of the print newspaper. Selected articles, e-business news, etc.

Online edition of the print newspaper. Published by Rivers State Newspaper Corporation. News, especially on the Niger Delta, business, the environment.

Independent online news site.

Turenchi - Nigerian News Aggregator 
Aggregates Nigerian news, sports, from Reuters, Vanguard, Guardian (Lagos), Daily Trust, This Day, BBC and other sources.

USAfrica Online
Articles on Nigeria-related topics and U.S.-Africa relations. Profiles of prominent people.

Electronic edition of the independent daily Lagos newspaper established in 1984.

Voice of Nigeria
In English, Hausa, Igbo, Arabic, French, Fulfulde, Yoruba. Nigerian Government radio station. Current news. Video, audio news.