Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Americas, USA is a not-for-profit corporation pursuant to the Laws of the District of Columbia. Members of NIDOA USA enact the bylaws to govern the activities of the Organization.

NIDO locations around the world

NIDO is currently represented in five Continental Zones:

    • NIDO Americas
    • NIDO Europe
    • NIDO Asia
    • NIDO Oceania
    • NIDO Africa

    NIDO Americas is comprised of four countries within the Americas:

    • NIDOA USA: With 18 Chapters
    • NIDOA Canada: With 1 Chapter
    • NIDOA Brazil: With 1 Chapter


    The Organizational structure of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Americas shall be as follows:

    The following Organs shall exist for the organization:

    1. The General Assembly
    2. The Board of Trustees, which shall elect members to its Management Committee and shall have the power to appoint the following officers:

    a. The Board of Advisors
    b. Office of the Executive Director
    c. Office of the Legal Advisor

    3. The National Boards of Directors, which shall elect members to its Executive Council, to perform necessary governance functions at each country level as stipulated in this Bylaw,
    4. The District Coordinators, and
    5. The Chapters, which shall elect members to its Executive Committees.

    The General House shall be the supreme organ of the organization. It is the full assembly of all members of the organization. The General House or The Assembly of full members shall have the power to approve, rectify, and amend all or part of the decisions, operations, proposals, etc., of the Executive Officers. All Executive organs are answerable to the General House or The Assembly of full members. The General House shall generally operate on a simple majority principle.

    All Country-based NIDO Americas shall be administered by its Board of Directors. Each National Board of Directors shall have the responsibility of establishing the parameters for operation of NIDO Americas in the country where it is located.

    Responsibilities of the National Boards of Directors

    The roles and responsibilities of National Board of Directors shall include the following:

      1. It shall be the tactical headquarters of NIDO Americas at a national level;
      2. It may prepare and adopt national Operating Guidelines as well as amendments thereto
      3. It shall execute policies set by NIDO Americas through its Chapters or Districts
      4. It should plan and execute its national programs
      5. It shall receive reports from Districts and Chapters
      6. It shall raise funds through national or district campaigns
      7. It shall grow existing and new Chapters through its districts
      8. It shall certify all local chapters and districts on an annual basis
      9. It shall elect members to the Board of Trustees
      10. It shall serve as an appeal body for disputes within or between its Districts and or Chapters.


    The National Boards of Directors shall be the highest governing body of the Organization at each country level. It shall be ultimately responsible for the administration of the Organization in the nation where the NIDOA Organization is located.

    Current Executive

    The Board of Directors shall be headed by the Chairperson of the Board of Directors, who shall be an elected member of the Board and shall further be elected as such by the Board of Directors.

    Members of the Board of Directors shall elect among themselves the following Executive Officers:

      1. The Chairperson
      2. Vice Chairperson
      3.  Secretary
      4. Financial Secretary
      5. Treasurer
      6. Public Relations Officer and
      7. Other such Officers as the Board of Directors may from time to time appoint

    NIDO’s framework was designed to foster collaboration with the Federal Government of Nigeria but the organization sources its funding independently. We are not financed by the Nigerian Government. NIDO is a platform for Nigerians in Diaspora to contribute a quota to the socio-economic development of the nation and offers opportunities for professional engagement at the Federal, Regional and State Levels. NIDO is a recognized platform for Nigerians in Diaspora to contribute to Macro-Economic Policy Development as well as Infrastructural and Developmental Projects all over Nigeria. The Government of Nigeria recognizes the organization as the official platform through which individual Nigerian Diaspora, their Community Organizations, and Corporate Bodies can channel their developmental efforts to Nigeria.